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MISA Co., Ltd. has been established in 2009 and focused mainly on producing cotton buds. Its head-quarters, primarily for product development and human resources functions, is located at Tan Phu District HCMC. MISA owns many popular bands as: Mass-Comfort, Diva, Bemax, Missy,ect.

Steadily improving the foundation for continuing success and consistently making products of exceptional quality.

Earnestly conducting business with integrity and compliance

2009 Established in 2009 and focus on 2 new products: cotton buds and wet wipes.

2010 MiSa received the first certification: Golden Enterprise in 2010. Following the momentum of success, we created Baby cotton buds and Baby milk tissues.

2013 First opportunity to reach the potential market in Nigeria-Africa.

2015 Reach Cambodia market.

2017 MiSa received the the second certification: Vietnam High-Quality Goods at the end 2017, new product was developed named Bemax-baby diaper pants.